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Gaming Accessories

Take your game to the next level with our accessories.


Burgle Bros Deluxe Tower

Our friends over at Daft Concepts have created a deluxe tower for Burgle Bros.  It has insets that hold tiles and walls perfectly! It has special shelves for the Patrol, Loot, Tool, and Event cards - right on the tower.  And it even includes a spot for the helipad!  This the best way to run a heist with your crew.

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Burgle Tower

Burgle Tower Layout


Component Organizer Inserts

Our friends at StoreAllTheBits have devised a clever storage solution for several of our games, including Burgle Bros, Hardback, and Now Boarding. Keep your ink and meeples safely stored inside of these 3D printed organizers - that fit snugly inside your game box.

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Hardback Insert


Word Domination Play Mat

Give your play area the comfort it deserves. This oversized playmat for Word Domination is the perfect size to play any configuration.

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Word Domination Playmat


Fowers Games Art Prints

Our fantastic artist, Ryan Goldsberry, has set up an Etsy shop where you can order a variety of 8.5 x 11" prints from our games. They are professionally printed on 100% cotton rag paper that is archival and museum quality.

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Burgle Bros Print

Paperback Print

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