Big update coming for Paperback app

If you love spelling and you love deckbuilding, then hopefully you also love Paperback. And if you are playing on your favourite Apple or Android device, then we have a treat for you: a major update is coming.

The next major update will bring asynchronous play. You will now be able to pass turns back and forth witoh your friends on your own time, putting forward your best word and then carrying n with your life. The game will notify you when it’s your turn, so you can put it down and come back to it later.

We have been working on this update for a long time and it’s been a huge hit in the office and with our beta testers. Up to four people can play in an asynchronous game, with each player able to take the time they need to make the best word possible. And if your friends take too much time? The app will take over and an AI will move forward without them.

You will be able to create friends lists and invite them to your games, or leave them open so anyone can join. Getting into a game of Paperback will soon be easier than ever.

We are also working to bring the Paperback expansion cards to the digital app. This will mean your favorite digital device will have the most up-to-date version of Paperback.

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Our next big boardgame - Now Boarding

The next big project from Fowers Games is just around the corner. And while we aren’t ready to completely pull off the wrapping on this one, we did want to give you a small preview of what to expect.

Now Boarding is a game we have had around for a number of years. It was a web game for a long time, but hard to find now that flash games don't work in most browsers. But we have been working hard to pull together a cardboard version.

In Now Boarding, players take on the role of Airways Airlines, herding passengers through the airport and onto their waiting aircraft. But be careful: passengers will freak out if you don't meet their needs. 

We will have demo copies of Now Boarding at GenCon, where you can check out fast-pased pick up and deliver game. You can also take a look at the original version of the game at While some aspects may change in the cardboard version, it will provide you with a good idea of what the game is about.

More details about the game and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will be coming in the next few weeks. The Fowers Games newsletter will be the first place to hear about this project.

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Become a Fowers Games Superfan

Do you love Fowers Games? Do you find yourself talking up our games to your friends and family?

If you said yes to either question, you should consider joining the Fowers Games Superfans. Our Superfans help spread the word about our games, demoing them at local events or helping us at national conventions. Superfans help us playtest new releases and provide feedback to developers and artists. 

In return, our Superfans can get advance copies of new releases and access to the conventions they help out at. Superfans also get a sneak peak behind the curtain with exclusive communications from Fowers Games. You will be the first to know about what we are up to.

So consider applying to be a Fowers Games Superfan today. Send us a letter outlining your experience with teaching or testing games and why you think you'd be good Superfan.

Email your letter to We are excited to hear from you.

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Design a mission for the Burgle Bros. app!

We teased last newsletter that we will be bringing Burgle Bros. as an app. Now that we are closer to launching the app, we are looking to you, our dedicated fans, to help us come up with the best maps to bring to the game.

If you think you have an especially tricky or fun map setup, we want to hear about it. We are looking for one-shot missions, something that can be played in a single session without much randomization. Players can run through them again, but tile placement will be controlled. Here are a few design considerations:

  • Maps can be anywhere from 2x2 up to 10x10. You can also use any shape, but each floor has to be the same shape.
  • Maps can be one to five floors.
  • You can set any tile location and have the rest randomized from a pool of tiles.
  • You can set any number of a particular tile.
  • You can use any number of walls, and set wall locations and have the rest randomly, but there must be a path to each tile.
  • You can limit the number of players, with a maximum of 4.
  • You can determine which characters to start with, along with loot and tools each start with.
  • You can set the cards in the tool, loot and event decks, and have them random or in a set sequence.
  • The guards can have different start speeds, speed per reshuffle, maximum speed, and you can start with a pre-set patrol deck (though they will always be shuffled after one time through).
  • Come up with some introductory text, telling the players about the mission and provide a backstory.

Send your best map designs to Tim at If we love your mission we will let you test it out in the new app. 

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A small peak at the new Burgle Bros. app

Do you want a peek behind the curtains? Sneak past the defenses to catch a glance at something special? Then do we have a treat for you.

Check out this exclusive screenshot from the Burgle Bros. app. Be prepared to put your favourite cat burglars through their paces in this fast-paced adaptation of the popular board game.

The Burgle Bros. app will be coming to iOS, Android and Steam in the near future. But until we have an official launch date, we wanted to give you this quick peak. Keep an eye out on this newsletter for more details closer to the release date.

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The sneakiest Fugitive shall prevail at our GenCon tournament

Can you outwit the best Marshals in the country? Do you have what it takes to sneak past Johnny Law and escape to freedom? Are you good enough to compete against the best in the country?

You will have to check every warehouse, outhouse, hen house and farm house if you are going to come out on top at Fugitive. Fowers Games will be running a 32-player double-elimination Fugitive tournament at GenCon, with the top player taking home $300. That's enough to stuff your bags with goodies before heading home.

Fugitive is a two-player bluffing and deduction card game where the fugitive is trying to make their way out of town while being pursued by a relentless agent. As the fugitive, you are trying to decide which cards to play face down on the table, hoping they remain hidden and taking calculated risks to get away.

The fugitive plays cards face down to the table trying to work their way to a goal, while the agent must guess those cards to uncover them. If at any point all cards on the table are face up, the fugitive is caught.

Even if you don’t want to test your mettle against the best players, Fugitive is an exciting game to watch. What card did the fugitive drop? Will the marshal catch up? Who will come out on top in this amazingly tense two-player game? Swing by Hall B on Friday at 7 p.m. to watch this exciting game.

Sign up for the tournament at the official GenCon site here. If you want to pick up a copy to practice, check out your Friendly Local Games store or order it online here.

And if you want to learn how to play the game, check out this instructional video of designer Tim Fowers showing off the game. 

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We are getting excited about Hardback's co-op mode

If you didn’t back Hardback on Kickstarter, then you may not have heard some of the really exciting news about the next big spelling deckbuilder: we are bringing co-operative play to word building.

Yes, you and your friends can face off against a single dastardly opponent, combining your wordsmith skills to score the biggest points. But don’t think it will be a walk in the park; you will have to think strategically if you are going to come out on top.

Your AI opponent will be collecting points from cards falling off the purchase array between every player’s turn. You will be forced to make a choice: do buy cards that suit your deck or do you pick up that high-point card so that it doesn't boost the villain.  There are even 4 different villians to test your collective mettle against.

This points race has proven incredibly popular with playtesters and around the office. The game turns into a fun tortoise-and-the-hare race as players desperately try to catch up to their AI opponent, who often gets off to an amazing start. Your deck will really start humming as you reach the end of the game. But will it be enough?

We have also been working on the box art and the book meeples for the final release. These will be some amazing components for you to hold in your hand while playing Hardback, and hopefully provide that much more of an immersive experience for our players.

Hardback is the sequel to the deckbuilding word game Paperback. Buy cards on the board to spell larger and larger use, and then use them for their special powers to rocket ahead of competition. But be careful to collect letters you will be able to use in the future.

If you want to check out Hardback but didn’t get in on the Kickstarter, don’t worry. You can pre-order it from the Fowers Games website.

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Welcome to the Fowers Games newsletter

Welcome to the future. It’s much like the past, but with exceedingly more news from your friends at Fowers Games. We want to bring you more of everything from Paperback, Hardback, Burgle Bros. and Fugitive, along with all of the upcoming projects we are working on.

We are incredibly excited to be launching our blog and newsletter, bringing more of Fowers Games to the world. We will be pulling back the curtain on our development process, profiling some of the incredible minds behind our games, highlighting upcoming products and, maybe if you are really lucky, giving away a few games along the way.

You can check out the website to see all of the news, and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to have the news sent straight to your mailbox. We are looking forward to this as much as you are.

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Turning now on Android

Twisting and turning, the solution is in there somewhere. If you have a knack for puzzles and want a way to let out your inner conundrum solver, then check out Turning, now on Android.

Place tiles carefully and learn how they behave and unlock new pieces as you progress. You will you board slowly build slowly, but if you aren’t careful you may become overwhelmed.

Turning is an amazing single-player game for anyone who likes to fidget, putter and play with small things, figuring out how they work together. Every move will build upon the last, bringing new possibilities, but also new challenges.

What you are looking for is chain reactions, which will clear the board. If the board fills up, you lose! Discover the mysteries of Turning - it's a whole new twist on puzzle games.

Check out Turning, out now on the Google Play store.  Coming soon to iOS!


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Penny for your Paperback thoughts?

Penny for your Paperback thoughts?


We have been working hard to develop new cards for you to play with in your favourite word-spelling deck builder. Some of them add a tweak to the game while others can really change how things shake out, but we think there are some really amazing additions to Paperback coming soon.

We are really excited about showing you some of these new cards that will be added to the game with the new Paperback expansion. Typos, especially, have become a bit of an office favourite. They turn into a hot potato, passing them to the player to the left after they are used.

New victory point cards will also add a lot of replayability and variability to the game. No longer will a quick points grab be enough to close out the game. Players will have to streamline their decks and focus on the long game if they are going to go for the big victory points cards. It’s all about the options these cards provide.

But Typos and Victory Points aren’t the only new cards we are adding in this expansion. The new elements we have been working on include:

  • 2nd Letter Cards Further capturing the Scrabble-like feel that Paperback provides, we're working on cards that give a big payout, if you can position them as the second letter in your word.
  • 3-Letter Cards A card with 3 letters on it? How else are you going to get to those new big Victory Point cards? Go big or go home.
  • Conditional Word Cards Repeating letters, words that start with a vowel, words with no wild cards. Meet the crazy conditions to score big.
  • Asterisk Cards New and easier way to get wilds into your deck, without sacrificing money down the road.
  • Dumpster Dive Recycle old letters from the trash pile, whether played by you or another player.

While we are excited for these additions, we are focused on staying true to the identity of Paperback. This will still be the accessible word-building game you love, and has a very different feel from Hardback. The new cards also create new synergies with old cards. (Can anyone figure out what card combos with that new M in the picture above?)

Production is coming along nicely for Paperback and we expect to be shipping out the new expansion in October, alongside the Hardback Kickstarter rewards. You can also order the Paperback expansion here.

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